Reviews Titanium

  • Luka
    The Gel not only helped to increase the size, but also to a new experience in sex. Over a month of use, it is able to increase 4 cm, in principle, the more I'm not going. The duration of the sexual relationship became more for almost two-fold and after the first erection and ejaculation, arousal occurs very quickly. I think that is the secret of the regularity of the proceedings and properly, to smear the gel without excess pressure. The wife is excited, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important at 8. the year of the marriage. I recommend titanium!
  • Nina
    Husband used titanium 1.5 months, in this time of managed 4.5 cm increase in length and 1 cm diameter of the penis. Was shocked at the result, the night became brighter and more interesting. Write a review for recommend it to girls is a tool. Help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. Husband device new size, became more confident in herself, soon to continue working campaigns. In General, some pros from the gel.
  • David
    Gel is a multi-purpose, I used it in different ways. Zoom color, every day in the evening, regardless of the gender or not, only as a medicinal ointment. If the meeting with the girl, and then lubricate before intercourse. In this case, it is a gel that works as a great aphrodisiac. Is to soak a rush of blood to the groin, the skin becomes hot and you may receive an erection. You can make the layer thicker, and then Titanium well-come as lubricant. It sharpens your senses, and sex brings more pleasure.
  • Žiga
    Titanium not increased the size, but it is still a solid 5. Immediately after applying the gel, in the groin, there is a pleasant warmth, increases and increases at the time of the act. Stable erections, sex time is extended, the feeling is bright. Notice that the medication works on the sensitivity of the women. With a more liberal use of the gel acts as a lubricant when vaginal dryness greatly facilitates the penetration. I improved the quality of seed before it was thicker and had a not very pleasant smell. Now the girl she starts to oral sex, although this is avoided. Titanium good for my health, sexual life and psychological status. I became more relaxed and self-assured, do not be afraid of failures in bed, or simply lose the desire. Libido on the contrary, only intensified: I'm ready to fight, without a lot of foreplay and extra stimulation. I pack is not enough and I will continue to order more. The price for such a useful and effective tool at all funny, just less free. On the website applications are processed quickly and delivered without delay.
  • Nik
    Titanium works slowly and has a complex effect. At 1 week no significant changes was not. Walked the accumulation of nutrients in the deep layers of the skin and corpora cavernosa. Despite the fact that the effect is only superficial, the active ingredients quickly penetrate into the bloodstream. For 2 weeks improved erection. She became stronger and longer. The sensitivity of the sexual organs, increased. Started slowly addition of dimensions in length and girth. 3. week of sexual body become more and more attractive features, the head is well established. Increased duration of intercourse, the feelings from sex are different. The more fun it is to get me and partner. 4. week, the size has reached a maximum. Length increased by almost 5 cm in diameter 2 cm In a state without an erection parameters are not changed. Used titanium it is possible, independently and together with the girlfriend. This becomes interesting sexual game. Massage the gel after the shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores are most open) gives the best results. Body increased as a result of natural processes, and not with hormones.
Rating Titanium